A Stocking Stuffer Favorite

This week we are still hooked on pearls! With only a few of our strands of pearls left we want to let you know that we still have many more other options to adorn any lovely lady this holiday season. We have one piece in particular that we think will make the perfect stocking stuffer… our Norah Bracelet.

Classic Pearls

The Norah Bracelet is a small dainty piece that comes in either white, or gray pearls that playfully dangle from a 14kt gold fill chain. Buy just one or get them both and layer them together! We love playing with pearls and are definitely not shy about layering them up!

Come check out all of our fabulous pearl items and don’t forget are studio is open all month long on Saturday from 10:00am – 2:00pm so come grab some jewels for all the stockings you need to fill this Christmas.

And you can always see our pearls as well as the rest of our collection and shop online at lizjames.com



It’s a Glorious Day for a Horse Race

It is that time of year again where the horseshoes go on and the big hats come out. The first Saturday in May marks the annual tradition of the Kentucky Derby. Known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports,” people attend this event and watch from all over the world. What we absolutely love most about the tradition of the Kentucky Derby is the fine outfits heavily accessorized with lavish jewels and large, elaborate hats. Whether you will be sitting in the stands live for “The Run of the Roses,” or attending a themed party you will need the perfect accessories to model your personal Kentucky Derby style.

The Kentucky Derby is a long streaming tradition that goes beyond just the horse race itself. The traditional dress seen years ago at the start of this event is still seen in fashions today. Men in suits and bow ties, women in dresses, heels, adorned with pearls… oh and who could miss the hat! The classic derby style is fashionable and sleek. Playing a bit of dress up is what it is all about, and the more fun you have with it, the more it shows! Take chances with creative or large hats, but one thing that LJ does not want you to forget about is of course your jewels.

You can never go wrong with the pearl. Classy and elegant the pearl is a staple that all women should have in their jewelry collection, and all women should be prepared to drape themselves in them this weekend for the Derby festivities. LJ has no shortage of pearls or the possibilities of how they can be worn, so don’t worry ladies if you haven’t gotten your pearls ready for this weekend yet, we have you covered!

Time to play a little dress up…

Lori Necklace, Linda Necklace, Niki Necklace, Caroline Bracelet, Lucy Bracelet, Claudia Earring

There is no shortage of fabulous at the Kentucky Derby. Be brave, and be daring for this is an event that is no less than extraordinary. The more extravagant you get with your accessories the better. Of course you always want to keep it classy, for you are after all playing the part of a sweet southern bell. So go ahead, get in your dresses, grab your pearls, get you a Mint Julep, and enjoy the races…. Oh and don’t forget your spectacular giant hat!

Eat your heart out Louisville!

What will you adorn yourself in at your Kentucky Derby soiree?

‘Tis the Season…

…Wedding season that is! Spring brings blooming of blossoms and blossoming of love. Spring can sometimes be a mild season with warm weather and sunny days. This recipe can bake up the perfect wedding day, and hey even if it rains that is just good luck on your side. Every year new trends spring forth of creative setups or themes, even different types of wardrobe. One thing that remains constant throughout the years is the idea of a bride in a white dress and or course her glimmering jewels.

Classic jewels are traditionally the most sought after for a bride on her wedding day. Pearls, diamonds and other sparkly pieces are most common. On your special day you want to not only feel like the princess that you are, but you want to look it as well. The right jewels will bring your look together and leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

Liz James has a wedding collection that likes to touch on the classic all the way up to the modern. Pearls are one thing we know best, and of course even when it comes to your wedding day we say you can wear as many pieces or as few as you see fit.

Since the tradition says “something blue,” having a nice subtle hint of blue color on your baubles can accomplish two tasks, fulfilling both the tradition and your need for great jewels. The Dianna chalcedony earrings can do just this with a pale blue shade that can fall down your neckline either with hair back to let them shine, or hair down with just a small speck of color that will peek through. Some of our other small turquoise earrings at LJ would also serve well for this purpose like the Lauren earrings. Other options for your “something blue” could be a simple bracelet like the Zoey bracelet. It gives you a hint of color without completely overwhelming the rest of your look.

Truly it can be said that you cannot go wrong with the classic pearl. Pearls are a great choice for either a bride or her brides maids. Pearls are completely timeless and will never go out of style. They are perfect for elegant, formal events and what is more perfect than your wedding day. LJ has many pearls to choose from, but the classic Claudia is one of Liz James original designs. The Claudia sweeps across your neckline with pearls threaded on cord and spaced to give an illusion of floating pearls.

When needing something old, and something new, pearls can be a fabulous choice. It is wonderful if you have an older pair of pearls passed down from a family member for something old or borrowed, but if you are wanting pearls and do not have older ones to wear you can always look for something new! Our bride in the photo has a chunkier necklace look with a small pearl earring. This combination syncs well together, but you can always do the opposite by switching your look up with a daintier necklace and a larger pearl drop earring. Our Norah necklace, for example, always works well short and doubled up to stay high on the neckline. Norah pairs beautifully with the Claudia or Brandy earrings to keep the simple pearl look flowing. Each of them comes in either gray or white pearls if you do not want to keep your whole look so bright, and the Norah can be found in several other colors if you want to play up your look a bit for something more modern.

LJ has touched on the blue and on the pearls, so don’t forget about the sparkly! Liz James does carry a few items made from raw diamonds if you are a diamond kind of gal. You will see our diamonds linked together on 18kt gold wire on the Liz necklace that also has a diamond cross that hangs from the front of the piece. If you are wanting something that has that sparkle, but is on the more modest side the Julie diamond necklaces are perfect.The Julie diamond falls from a 14kt gold chain with a small link of diamonds falling across the front. Layering these together can give a great look as well, and hey we all know Diamonds are a girls best friend!

So there you have it, some jewel ideas to help you shine and sparkle as you walk down the isle to your future of happiness. And remember if you don’t only want to wear jewels this year at weddings you will see new trends of brides adorning them in their hair, on their bouquet, and even on the wedding cake.

To any of you getting married this season we wish you all the best! What jewelry is your favorite for a wedding? Even if you are only attending one this year what would be your jewel of choice?

Meet Norah and her Many Looks

Our pick for this weeks blog is the Norah. The Norah Necklace is one of our most classic pieces and comes in many different shades that can compliment any look. With today being the first day of spring we have a couple great looks that can help spring your warm weather wardrobe to the next level. The versatility of this necklace helps to give you a couple different looks on its own with a choice to wear it long or doubled, and with it being such a small delicate necklace it layers superbly with other jewels you may already have in your jewelry box. So get to know Norah, she is an easy going gal who plays well with others and can take you from a casual daytime soiree to a fancy night out. LJ has layered a couple different Norah’s with two looks from day to night.

Sunglasses, Bag, Flats, Blouse, Shorts, Norah Turquoise, Norah Coral, Norah White, Norah Gray, Dress, Lipstick, Clutch, Heels

Be creative with your accessorizing, go ahead mix and match your favorite shades of Norah with one another and any other jewels you may choose. Remember to check out all of the Norah’s and our full line at lizjames.com.

What is your favorite Norah? What would you pair your Norah with?

Oscar Party

With the glitz and the glamor, the Academy Awards can leave us feeling starstruck year after year. Some of us dream of one day getting to step foot on that stage accepting our very own Oscar, others just dreaming of the fabulous dresses and jewels we see on our favorite celeb. Either way the Oscar’s give us reason to celebrate!

Pop Open the Champagne

Odds are the majority of us will not be attending any parties as lavish as the Oscar’s, but that does not mean we cannot take inspiration from the styles we saw from this years show. We have found semi-formal dresses that pair well with some of the evening gowns we saw from Sunday night and added our favorite Liz James jewels to compliment each dress. Most of the jewels that were adorned by the ladies of the Oscar’s were embellished with diamonds. Our specialty here at Liz James however is pearls. Still as timeless as the diamond, yet a bit more versatile, you can wear your pearls for a casual BBQ or a stylish cocktail party. And of course to polish of any outfit don’t forget the perfect pair of shoes and purse of your choice!

Michelle Williams left the audience in awe with her coral chiffon Louis Vuitton dress. A shorter version of this dress still consists of a sweetheart neckline emphasized by a tiered style skirt. Wear a Claudia Gray and White doubled to give a layered, classic pearl look.

Tiers of Endearment Dress, Claudia Necklace, Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman sported a red polka dot 1954 Christian Dior Haute Couture vintage gown. This fun and flirty less formal pick with the flowing sleeves will leave you fluttering around the room like the social butterfly that you are. With the higher neckline a Dianna Coin Pearl drop earring will suit rather than a chunky necklace. Top it off with a dainty Caroline Bracelet.

Make Bloom for You Dress, Dianna White Earring, Caroline Bracelet, Natalie Portman

Penelope Cruz graced the red carpet in an organza Giorgio Armani off-the-shoulder gown. The more casual look to match is shown with the off-the-shoulder style of a pleated boat neckline, and a fitted waistline. Get a layered look with a white and gray Norah necklace or wear them individually for more subtlety. These two necklaces can also be worn doubled to appear short, or long.

Kettle Corn Dress in Afternoon, Norah Necklace, Penelope Cruz

Michelle Rodriguez was spotted at the Vanity Fair after party in a sleek, lady like black lace ensemble. Wearing the black lace with the underlining champagne combination will leave you feeling sexy and fearless at any event. This pick by Michelle this year deserves none other than the Michelle necklace. This can be worn long or doubled, but will hang perfectly over the bust of the sweetheart neckline when doubled.

Formal Invitation Dress, Michelle Necklace, Michelle Rodriguez

What were some of your favorite looks from this years Academy Awards? And what choice would you pick to wear to your next event?

Then and Now … Breakfast at Tiffanys

Just in case you missed the memo, we LOVE Audrey Hepburn. It’s safe to say she is our muse at times.

Our designer, Jamie Pope, is off to New York City for the ENK Accessorie Circuit show.  In  honor of her trip to the Big Apple we thought we’d recreate one of Ms. Hepburn’s most famed photos outside of Tiffany.

And now ours … all it took was two Claudias and some of our mother’s pearls. We love to mix all our pieces!

Spring Trend: Ladylike White

Back to reality today! We made it through Christmas, and managed to get some rest and relaxation. During our down time we had plenty of time to catch up on our fashion reads.  Looks as though ladylike white will be a major trend this spring.

Nothing expresses feminine beauty and elegance quite as well as pearls. Here’s the Liz James version of the proper white for spring.

1. Ann Marie 2.White Coin Pearl 3.Linda 4. Claudia 5. Gayle

Dress image via here.