Go for the Gold… And Silver

The Olympics are here and we are dressing up in style, ready to go for the gold and silver!
Go for the Gold
What better way to bring out your inner Olympian than sporting the Leslie necklace? Designed with 5 hanging rings it resembles the 5 rings of the Olympic logo. Small and dainty, this piece is great for layering or wearing alongside some stylish earrings such as the Tina gold and silver.  Polish off the rest of your off look with hues of gold and silver and you are ready to conquer the world, and go for the gold!
Here we go Olympics, and go Team USA!
Olympic Rings
You can see our full mixed metal collection on our website for more ways to go for your best gold and silver performance.

You Don’t Know JO!

What’s in a name you say? Well there is more to this two letter name than what you may think. Jo is the name of one of our top selling pieces here at Liz James and there are a few reasons, other than the fabulous design, that make this piece unique. Not only was the Jo made from the talented mind of designer Jamie Pope in all her creative glory, but it carries sentimental value. The charm that dangles from the end of this hand knotted necklace is an original cross from Jamie’s grandmothers collection. With this piece having that relation to her grandmother we wanted to name it after her, Mama Jo. So we simplified it and decided to call it Jo!


The Jo is an everyday kind of piece. You can dress her down for your everyday routine, or dress her up for a special night out. However you choose to wear Jo it will compliment your look with its natural tones of champagne pearls and highlights of turquoise and charms. Let’s see how we would wear Jo!

Jo Necklace Outfits

Tank, Capri, Purse, Mint Polish, Sandal, Jo Necklace, Dress, Clutch, Linen Polish, Heel

Now that you can see why we love the Jo so much here at LJ take one home for yourself! In fact why not enter out Facebook contest and get one for free! Check out our current giveaway going on right now at facebook.com/LizJamesDesigns.

Don’t miss out on the chance to add this amazing piece to your collection! Please tell us, how you would your wear your Jo?


See How They Fall

Picking up where we left off last week, we are continuing to introduce the newest additions to the Liz James family. These gals will keep you looking stylish draped gracefully around your neck all through the Fall season and into the rest of the year. LJ is here, proudly, to show off our neck candy for Fall 2012!

Halle, Rose, Kelsey

These beauties are accented by either a handmade Spanish cross medallion, St. Christopher medal, or both! They are made longer and can be worn doubled for maximum versatility!

Tricia, Celeste, Hannah

If the small and dainty things in life are more your style then you will love the new Tricia’s, Celeste’s, and Hannah’s. These ladies are great for a small touch of glitz and glamour and also make a fantastic layering piece.

Carrie, Rowan, Gweneth

If you love stones with a pop of color, or are into more of a non-symmetrical look you may want to get to know these three ladies. Not only will they make a great statement, these necklaces will catch you lots of compliments!

Angie, Anne, Hillary, Jo

Charms and crosses are what these four pieces are about. Keep it simple with a small cross and coins, go glam with diamond crosses, or mix it up with large crosses, stones and coins.

Well there you have all the new neck decor for fall. We will continue to introduce our newest bracelets and earrings soon! Stay tuned…

What is your favorite necklace from the new collection?

A ‘How To’ on Layering Up

Here at LJ we are all about layering our pieces together, in fact we try and keep layering in mind when designing each piece. Some pieces layer better than others, but it is good to remember to keep your options open and to not be afraid of being creative. Today we are going to give a little ‘how to’ on the best way to layer up on your jewels.

First of all don’t be afraid to mix and match stones. Sometimes people are timid when it comes to mixing stones such as pearls with turquoise or labradorite, but you will find that the mixture can give you more depth and a great variety of color. Also, it is great to keep the necklaces at varying lengths to give you different levels of interest and to maximize the focal point. If you are choosing to layer up a lot of necklaces think about keeping your outfit simple, the jewelry will do the job of bringing pizazz to your look without overpowering it. We have chosen a few options of our LJ necklaces layered up to give you the best idea of what works.

MK, Linda, Norah Champagne

Take classic black with a mixture of white pearls, champagne pearls, and throw in a chunk of turquoise for a classically cool look.

Halle Pyrite, Norah Pyrite, Norah Labradorite

Give a bright casual look a little bit of class and contrast.

Chloe Turquoise, Courtney, Norah Gray

Take a basic white tee and make it flirty and fun, with a pop of bright color.

So here are three different ways to layer with different color, textures, and stones. Find different ways to mix and match your jewels and you may be surprised at the great looks you can come up with.

Which layering look is your favorite? How do you like to layer your jewels?

Easter Jewels

So we may be a little early on the Easter wagon, but what better time to start thinking of those little added extras you will want to give on Easter Sunday then now. We have the perfect gift for you to give this holiday to one of your little ones. Do not let the name Children’s Necklace fool you either, these can be loved by both children and adults alike. This year LJ is offering our Children’s Necklace to you with a stone of your choice. Whether it is a favorite color or a birthstone we can find a color to match your Easter Sunday best.

And remember, you can always stick with the original cross, cross & pearl, or the cross & turquoise necklaces that we offer year round.

These necklaces are great for year round wear and are made with strong leather so can easily be worn daily for both dress up and play! Easter is less than two weeks away so call us or come by the studio to customize your necklace today. Don’t forget you can always order anything from our full collection online with free shipping at lizjames.com.

Happy Easter from Liz James!