A ‘How To’ on Layering Up

Here at LJ we are all about layering our pieces together, in fact we try and keep layering in mind when designing each piece. Some pieces layer better than others, but it is good to remember to keep your options open and to not be afraid of being creative. Today we are going to give a little ‘how to’ on the best way to layer up on your jewels.

First of all don’t be afraid to mix and match stones. Sometimes people are timid when it comes to mixing stones such as pearls with turquoise or labradorite, but you will find that the mixture can give you more depth and a great variety of color. Also, it is great to keep the necklaces at varying lengths to give you different levels of interest and to maximize the focal point. If you are choosing to layer up a lot of necklaces think about keeping your outfit simple, the jewelry will do the job of bringing pizazz to your look without overpowering it. We have chosen a few options of our LJ necklaces layered up to give you the best idea of what works.

MK, Linda, Norah Champagne

Take classic black with a mixture of white pearls, champagne pearls, and throw in a chunk of turquoise for a classically cool look.

Halle Pyrite, Norah Pyrite, Norah Labradorite

Give a bright casual look a little bit of class and contrast.

Chloe Turquoise, Courtney, Norah Gray

Take a basic white tee and make it flirty and fun, with a pop of bright color.

So here are three different ways to layer with different color, textures, and stones. Find different ways to mix and match your jewels and you may be surprised at the great looks you can come up with.

Which layering look is your favorite? How do you like to layer your jewels?