Night & Day… You are the One

We are back in full swing this week at LJ, preparing for a long holiday weekend and showing you how to go from career woman chic, to night on the town glam with one fabulous necklace. If you are searching for that perfect statement piece that you can wear to the office and then take off into your night time festivities, we have a great new friend for you. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration and creativity, but really all you need is a few changes in your outfit and the rest should fall into place.

Meet LibbyBlazer, Lace Tank, Pants, Flats, Libby, Skirt, Heels, Lip Gloss

Libby is a necklace made up of three different 14kt gold filled chains, hand-wired together with large pieces of lapis. If you are looking for something with a little “chunk” and sass this necklace can definitely accomplish that. This cool, blue piece is vibrant and striking and should not be limited strictly to casual wear. Libby can be worn everywhere from your board room meeting to ladies night out. Although you can match these blue stones up to just about any color, LJ loves to pair the deep blue hues of the lapis stones with sunny coral and bright whites. These great color combinations give you a splash of summer in and out of the office. So pull out your corals and unleash your inner Libby lapis spirit!

And don’t forget… If you are feeling really wild, you can always pair the necklace with the Libby bracelet which brings both lapis and coral to the table.

What will you wear your Libby with?