Crazy for Chrysoprase

June 1st is only a couple days away and with that comes the first day of summer! The weather is heating up and so is your wardrobe. Bright colors are a must this season so time to bring out the sizzle in your accessories. LJ is officially infatuated with our chrysoprase stones and the fun, flashy lime green hues that comes along with them!

Here are a few, fun facts about Chrysoprase! It is a gemstone of the chalcedony family and can range in color from a vibrant lime green, to a deep forest green. Chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline, which means that it is composed of crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification. This is one thing that sets it apart from a rock crystal such as amethyst or citrine. The green color of chrysoprase is due to small amounts of nickel that are in it and not the a presence of chromium. Now that we know a little bit more about our newest favorite let’s see how it dazzles!

Molly, Rowan, Peyton, Clary, Sabrina

Chrysoprase is a stone that is all about making a statement. You cannot put on a stone that speaks so loudly without turning some heads and lighting up a room. Even if you are more of a wallflower than a social butterfly we have pieces like our brand new Rowan with a dainty look and feel that may make you more comfortable than the bold Clary. If it is true that wearing bright hues gives you a sunnier disposition than any of our chrysoprase pieces are guaranteed to help you wear your good mood around all day and into the night.

Although you can pair this green gemstone with any clothing of your choice it does sit well on a neutral background like black or white. Wearing this on a white dress, shirt, etc. adds some splash to what may be a bit of a blank canvas. On the other end of the spectrum laying over black gives it an extra flavorful pop with the fun contrast between light and dark. However you choose to wear it we promise you will be pleasantly surprised with the compliments coming you shall receive as well as the positive aura surrounding you.

How do you like your chrysoprase? Big and bold, or quiet and dainty? Send us your favorite photos of you in your Liz James, especially if you have one in chrysoprase!