Ear, Arm, and Eye Candy!

We are now into August with Fall swiftly approaching. LJ presents to you today the last of our new Fall Collection. These Fall baubles will be like candy for your eyes, ears.. and of course wrists! Our earrings and bracelets, like the necklaces, continue with some of the same cool blues, soft grays and darks.

Ellery, Tricia, Jordan

If you like a more delicate choice for what you lay on your wrist, these three ladies are an excellent pick! They can be worn separately, but make for great layering bracelets. With a couple of different colors to chose you can mix and match to create a perfect soft look.

Lyndi, Addison, Kate

The Lyndi and Kate bracelets can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. They were designed to wrap around your wrist and give you multiple layers of color. The Addison gives the same look as a wrap piece, without actually having to wrap it which may work better for some.

Tina, Tricia

These dazzling “T” named earrings give you multiple choices of colors to best suit your mood, event, or outfit! Wear a solid gold pair of Tina’s to match with anything, or choose a sultry red garnet Tricia to mesh well with a fall inspired ensemble.

Cameron, Sarah, Bradie

If you are looking for a fun, bold look with a pop of color these dangles will be a good match for you. With just the right amount of chain mixed with stones you get the movement and the color you want out of any eye-catching earring.

So this completes the introduction of our complete Fall Line. What earrings or bracelets are your favorites?


That’s A Wrap!

There are wraps you can eat or there are raps you can speak… but what about wraps you can wear? There are all sorts of accessories you can use as a wrap to pair perfectly with your personal expression.

Hair, Shoulder, Waist, Neck

… Or wrap it around your wrist! LJ has all sorts of fun wrap bracelets to choose from. Whether you need an extra pop of color, or just want to dress up a casual outfit you are sure to find that one of these will rhyme well with your style. The beauty of the wrap bracelets that LJ designs is that they are a multi-purpose kind of piece. If your heart so desires you can always wear one of these stunning bracelets around your neck. Most times you can wear the necklace long, or you can double it up for a shorter look. LJ likes to create our jewelry in the most versatile way, to give you the creative reign over how you will sport it.

Pic 1: Vivi Laboradite, TQ Bracelet, Leigh   Pic 2: Vivi Turquoise   Pic 3: Jan Coral, Jan Pearl, Vivi Turquoise   Pic 4: Jan Turquoise, Lucy

Wrap up these bracelets in bunches for a bold statement look, or wear one wrap at a time to simplify on your accessorizing. Dress them up, or dress them down, you know the drill! And you know your own personal style best. So there you go…. that’s a wrap!

What bracelet would suit you best?