Red, White and Blue Special for You

4th of July weekend is right around the corner and LJ has some red, white & blue for you!

Celebrate America this July with a holiday twist on the classic Dianna earrings. Just like the original with three new festive choices, and at an even better price! Grab one of these special coral, pearl, or lapis earrings at $45 for a limited time only.

FourthofJulySo whether you are having fun on the water, at a backyard BBQ or jet setting elsewhere for the long weekend, these casual baubles will be easy to grab and go… while showing off your patriotic pride in style. Buy one, or get all three!

You can find them at through July 7th.

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For the Grad

Graduation is upon us. And you may not be one of the many eager eyed Seniors awaiting your ceremonial walk across the big stage, but odds are you may know someone who is. And for this glorious rite of passage a special gift is in order. Something to honor and signify such a great achievement. Sure you can always give them money, but where’s the fun it that?

How about something timeless and unique that shows how proud of your graduate you truly are. Well a one of a kind, handmade piece from Liz James may just do the trick. And to make it even easier for you, we have our top 5 picks under $100.

Mia Low ResMia Necklace – $65

Livie Livie Earrings – $55

gina (1)  Gina Bracelet – $70

nicole Nichole Earrings – $75

Annika Low resAnnika Bracelet – $75

With these five options you have a few selections of a sweet, simple, yet special gift for her to remember for years to come. And with all of these pieces under $100 you can buy one for every grad on your list!

And don’t forget, we offer free gift wrap!

So here is to the Class of 2014! 1a22310ce1efb583122e11662f1cfb2c


Last Minute Valentine

Our quick picks to say ‘I love you’ for the last minute shopper.Vday Picks

Olive Earring, Tricia Necklace, Addison Bracelet

Bring a smile to her face with this combination of deep sultry red garnets and bright sky blue turquoise. Each piece stands alone making its own delicate statement. Or buy all three to complete this sweet set, for your sweet heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Go for the Gold… And Silver

The Olympics are here and we are dressing up in style, ready to go for the gold and silver!
Go for the Gold
What better way to bring out your inner Olympian than sporting the Leslie necklace? Designed with 5 hanging rings it resembles the 5 rings of the Olympic logo. Small and dainty, this piece is great for layering or wearing alongside some stylish earrings such as the Tina gold and silver.  Polish off the rest of your off look with hues of gold and silver and you are ready to conquer the world, and go for the gold!
Here we go Olympics, and go Team USA!
Olympic Rings
You can see our full mixed metal collection on our website for more ways to go for your best gold and silver performance.

Holiday Gift Guide

Tis’ the season for hot cocoa and holidays, gift buying and of course gift giving. We have pulled together our top picks for Christmas gifts to help you with crossing a few of your favorite people off your list. We know holidays can be stressful so here is a little help from us at LJ to help you narrow down those last few items. These pieces are pure classics, well priced and great for any season of the year.

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The Gertie Kate and the Harper. Both priced under $130, these necklaces have very “charming” attributes. Go for a mixed metal look with the Gertie Kate with a sweet classic look on a gold dainty chain. Or for the more casual female grab the Harper with a little touch of pearl to bring out just enough of that lady like charm. These necklaces not only are both timeless, they are ageless and can be worn by ladies of all ages from 10 – 100.

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If the person on your list is more into the dangles we have a great selection to choose from, but for this year the Penelope in gold and silver takes the cake. This earring hangs so freely and flawlessly from your lobes that you may forget that you’re even wearing them. The mix of gold and silver chains give it a nice touch that can go with any other jewelry you decide to pair them with. Or wear them on there own for they are a beauty that can stand alone and command an audience.

Blog Photos3

Year after year the Julie bracelet has been our go to arm candy for the simple fact that it is a great price point and comes in different shades so it is a sweet simple pick for any kind of bracelet loving lady. However this year we want to go with a couple of new choices. First, we have the handmade bangles in either sterling silver or gold filled. Secondly we have the Gina bracelet which is a bracelet meant to wrap around your wrist, made with a soft suede mixed with golden handmade rings to give it the perfect touch of casual chic. Also this piece looks great with the previously mentioned Harper! As for the bangles buy two, three, or even ten! The sky is the limit and you can mix your metals as you please.

We hope these pieces will steer you in the right direction on picking the perfect gift for someone you care about this holiday. We wish you all a happy holiday!

Tell us which gift will you be adding to your Christmas list.


Red, White, Blue and You

Summer is flying by and it is already time for the 4th of July! The moment is upon us to gather up our summer essentials, and of course bring out the red, white & blue.

How will you celebrate the 4th of July? Whether you are more a backyard BBQ casual kind of gal, or you like more of a girly nautical look, kick back, relax and enjoy the fireworks! However you may celebrate show off your patriotic side with style. Here are a couple of last minute 4th of July looks LJ has put together. .

July 4th Blog

Red TopJean Short, White SandalWhite Purse, Blue Polish, Whitney Earring

July 4th Blog2

Striped Dress, Brown PurseBrown SandalRed Polish, Erika Coral Necklace

What is your 4th of July Style?

Liz James wishes you a happy and safe holiday weekend! Oh and don’t forget to throw in the bathing suit just in case…


Happy 4th of July!


LJ Summer Hot Picks

We have been on a hiatus, but the blog is back!

School is ending, the weather is heating up, so now its time to jump into summer while the water is warm! And of course we couldn’t have you heading into the season without thinking about your accessories. Well LJ has our top hot summer picks that will help make any summer sizzle.

Summer Hot PicksBrown Wedges, White Sundress, Brown Handbag, Laney Necklace

Saylor Page Coral Dress, Turquoise Wristlet, Tan Mid Heel Sandal, Saylor Earring

Summer Hot Picks2Sharp Green Tank, Lace High-Low Skirt, Lace and Snake Print Wristlet, Gladiator Sandal, Stacy White Coral Earring

For the heat of the season we love lots of color! Whether its pairing a light and airy red coral necklace over a white sundress, or cooling down the night with some turquoise blue dangles. And if the bold colored jewels are not your thing, then maybe go casual with a bright splash of white. Whatever your plans this summer may be, we hope that you go out confident, stylish, and always well accessorized.

What are your summer go-to jewels?