Holiday Gift Guide

Tis’ the season for hot cocoa and holidays, gift buying and of course gift giving. We have pulled together our top picks for Christmas gifts to help you with crossing a few of your favorite people off your list. We know holidays can be stressful so here is a little help from us at LJ to help you narrow down those last few items. These pieces are pure classics, well priced and great for any season of the year.

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The Gertie Kate and the Harper. Both priced under $130, these necklaces have very “charming” attributes. Go for a mixed metal look with the Gertie Kate with a sweet classic look on a gold dainty chain. Or for the more casual female grab the Harper with a little touch of pearl to bring out just enough of that lady like charm. These necklaces not only are both timeless, they are ageless and can be worn by ladies of all ages from 10 – 100.

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If the person on your list is more into the dangles we have a great selection to choose from, but for this year the Penelope in gold and silver takes the cake. This earring hangs so freely and flawlessly from your lobes that you may forget that you’re even wearing them. The mix of gold and silver chains give it a nice touch that can go with any other jewelry you decide to pair them with. Or wear them on there own for they are a beauty that can stand alone and command an audience.

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Year after year the Julie bracelet has been our go to arm candy for the simple fact that it is a great price point and comes in different shades so it is a sweet simple pick for any kind of bracelet loving lady. However this year we want to go with a couple of new choices. First, we have the handmade bangles in either sterling silver or gold filled. Secondly we have the Gina bracelet which is a bracelet meant to wrap around your wrist, made with a soft suede mixed with golden handmade rings to give it the perfect touch of casual chic. Also this piece looks great with the previously mentioned Harper! As for the bangles buy two, three, or even ten! The sky is the limit and you can mix your metals as you please.

We hope these pieces will steer you in the right direction on picking the perfect gift for someone you care about this holiday. We wish you all a happy holiday!

Tell us which gift will you be adding to your Christmas list.