LJ Summer Hot Picks

We have been on a hiatus, but the blog is back!

School is ending, the weather is heating up, so now its time to jump into summer while the water is warm! And of course we couldn’t have you heading into the season without thinking about your accessories. Well LJ has our top hot summer picks that will help make any summer sizzle.

Summer Hot PicksBrown Wedges, White Sundress, Brown Handbag, Laney Necklace

Saylor Page Coral Dress, Turquoise Wristlet, Tan Mid Heel Sandal, Saylor Earring

Summer Hot Picks2Sharp Green Tank, Lace High-Low Skirt, Lace and Snake Print Wristlet, Gladiator Sandal, Stacy White Coral Earring

For the heat of the season we love lots of color! Whether its pairing a light and airy red coral necklace over a white sundress, or cooling down the night with some turquoise blue dangles. And if the bold colored jewels are not your thing, then maybe go casual with a bright splash of white. Whatever your plans this summer may be, we hope that you go out confident, stylish, and always well accessorized.

What are your summer go-to jewels?