You Don’t Know JO!

What’s in a name you say? Well there is more to this two letter name than what you may think. Jo is the name of one of our top selling pieces here at Liz James and there are a few reasons, other than the fabulous design, that make this piece unique. Not only was the Jo made from the talented mind of designer Jamie Pope in all her creative glory, but it carries sentimental value. The charm that dangles from the end of this hand knotted necklace is an original cross from Jamie’s grandmothers collection. With this piece having that relation to her grandmother we wanted to name it after her, Mama Jo. So we simplified it and decided to call it Jo!


The Jo is an everyday kind of piece. You can dress her down for your everyday routine, or dress her up for a special night out. However you choose to wear Jo it will compliment your look with its natural tones of champagne pearls and highlights of turquoise and charms. Let’s see how we would wear Jo!

Jo Necklace Outfits

Tank, Capri, Purse, Mint Polish, Sandal, Jo Necklace, Dress, Clutch, Linen Polish, Heel

Now that you can see why we love the Jo so much here at LJ take one home for yourself! In fact why not enter out Facebook contest and get one for free! Check out our current giveaway going on right now at

Don’t miss out on the chance to add this amazing piece to your collection! Please tell us, how you would your wear your Jo?



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