Camp Liz James

Flowers are in full bloom, people are off on Spring Break excursions and next thing you know it will be summer! For those of you with children summer is a time when you need to find activities to keep the kiddos busy so thus you look into summer camps. How about signing them up for a jewelry making camp? Yes, it’s true we have a Camp Liz James! If you have a child who loves to do hands on projects and needs a way to express their creativity, and avoid the dog days of summer boredom, this may be the perfect summer camp for you.

Camp LJ Photos

Taught by our very own Sherri Earle, at our LJ summer camp the students will not only learn the basic fundamentals of the art of jewelry making, but will learn how to channel their creativity. Your child will have the opportunity to come up with their own unique designs while documenting the entire process. They will also present their projects to the class which will help work on building confidence and public speaking skills. There are many valuable lessons to be learned at Camp Liz James that your child can take away with them. Who knows maybe they will become a top designer one day!


Camp Liz James 2013

 June 17th – 21st from 8:00am – 12:00pm at the Liz James Studio

For more information on how to register or for questions please contact us or 512-535-7885

We hope to see you this summer!



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