Dazzling Dianna

Elegant, versatile, and perfect simplicity are all words that can be used to describe our Dianna earrings. Dianna comes in a variety of stones and styles that can easily compliment any look. If you decide you want turquoise one day and chalcedony the next these lightweight earrings can easily give you the options you are looking for. With removable stones you can buy extra charms to change out your color day after day. Here is our line up of Dianna’s. With a total of eight styles to choose from you can pick out your favorite, and then buy extra charms to trade out! You really cannot go wrong with whatever Dianna you choose to make your own, or how you want to mix and match stones. Nothing like buying one pair of earrings and getting multiple looks!

Not only do we here at LJ love these sweet dangles, we have spotted a few of our celebrity fans wearing Dianna’s in their recent on air appearances.

Here we see the Dianna labradorite worn by Trisha Yearwood on Southern Kitchen, Carrie Underwood on American Idol and Jennie Garth on the Today Show in the Dianna chalcedony. Sweet, simple, yet sophisticated, that is our dazzling Dianna.

What is your favorite Dianna?


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