Gweneth, How We Love Thee

We can no longer ignore one of our newest favorites here at the LJ studio, the Gweneth! Since her debut in the Fall 2012 line she has received nothing but adoring looks, and fabulous compliments. This necklace which is made with glimmering, gray labradorite stones and handmade 14kt gold-filled wire rings, is the perfect selection to take you from your day at the office to your night in the city.

White Blouse, Gray Pencil SkirtGray Heel, GwenethWhite TankGray Blazer, Black JeansFlats

Keeping a nice monochromatic theme we took a daytime at the office outfit with a classy skirt and blouse, to a night in the city with black skinny jeans, flats and a blazer. Just add the Gweneth! As most of our pieces go you can always wear the Gweneth long, or doubled for a shorter look.

So what would you wear your Gweneth with?


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