College Game Day

There is less than a week away from the start of college football! It is that time of year again to bring out your team colors and school spirit. So the question is what colors will you be sporting this weekend? Football is not just for the boys anymore so ladies it is time to suit up in your favorite team! Of course you can always look glamorous doing so. LJ has matched some of the top college football picks this season with some of our top jewels.

We of course have to start out with some of our top picks from the great state of Texas!Lexie Bracelet, Jennifer Ruby, Robyn Turquoise, Ella Earring

Take a little orange calcite to wear with your Longhorns, or maybe a bit of Turquoise for the Baylor bears. You really can find stones to match any team of your choice and add to your school pride.

Now lets take a look at the teams listed in the top four for the 2012 season.

Tricia Red, Chelsea Earring, Tina Red Garnet, Ella Necklace

Three of these big hitters have one thing in common, that is they are painted in a shade of red. That is of course other than the glowing purple and gold of the LSU Tigers. The red coral and garnet stones fit best with all of the red toned teams. As for LSU we chose a labradorite earring in a shade of gray. Although the labradorite is gray it picks up shades that are worn around it so can put off a sweet purple hue when worn with your favorite dress or top from LSU.

So who is your favorite college team? What jewels will you wear on game day?

Find all of the your college and professional sportswear at


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