Taking on AFW

From the weird to the stylish, Austin kicked off their week in fashion. This was our first year taking a run at Austin Fashion Week. Although we were not able to be a part of many of the events, we had the honor of having Jamie nominated for a Rising Star award, and had our Bianca make a cameo at the opening night ceremonies. We have a few fun photos to share with you – our 15 mins in the spotlight!

We were happy to get a shot of the gorgeous Mary Catherine wearing our Bianca to the Shift into Style event.

Shift into Style was the kickoff to Austin Fashion Week. This event was hosted by Circuit of the Americas and included a red carpet that cascaded down in front of Formula One race cars.

Truly a fantastic way to kick off the week in the Austin area especially with the introduction of Formula One to the city this year. We were thrilled to have someone there to represent LJ and to have her share her photo with us! Thank you!

Now lets go from the beginning of the week, to the end of fashion week. With the special honor of being nominated as a Rising Star in the city of Austin, Jamie strutted her stuff with handsome hubby Vick down the Red Carpet of the awards show for Austin Fashion Week.

Along the way Jamie also had the pleasure of posing with pop violinist Josh Vietti who performed at the ceremony. This was our first year with a closer look at what Austin Fashion Week had to offer and we loved it! All of us at LJ are so excited to have had a small part in AFW, and to especially have had our talent behind the name LJ nominated for such a great honor. And hey maybe we didn’t win, but we sure did have fun! Oh and we definitely will continue to do our part to “Keep Austin Classy.”

On that note we will leave you with these shots we loved from Austin Fashion Week of the runway of Sarah Eileen taken by thecwaustin.com.

What were some of your favorites at AFW?


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