LJ Weekend Wine Pick

So we are finally back in the swing of our weekend wine picks, with two picks under $10 as always. Once again we have two red wines that were taste tested today by 5 of us along with cheese, crackers, grapes, salami, and some yummy cream cheese chocolate wontons. Sorry to all of you white wine lovers, we will try to mix it up for you next time around. Today our wine was brought by the lovely Jana, accompanied by the food gloriously presented by the fabulous MK.

Two different reds from two separate continents, today’s wine picks are…

Black Opal, a 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon from south eastern Australia. This red wine has a smooth fine flavor full of finesse and character. It carries a sweet, rich aroma of blackcurrant, mint and spice highlighting the very best of full-flavored Australian wine. This smooth wine pairs well with red meats or veggies, but we found it was very tasty with our cheese and grapes. This bottle retails at around $7 – $10.

Robert Mondavi Merlot is a 2010 red wine from the north coast of California. This full-bodied red is very rich in flavor with almost a spanish type kick to it. Before unveiling the guess was that this was possible an Italian or Spanish wine. Although to the groups surprise it was right from our California vineyards. This wine has velvety layers of berry, plum and spice. This wine pairs well with  meats as well especially of the grilled selection. This bottle retails at around $6 – $8.

The winner of our taste test by a unanimous vote is…. Black Opal!

Hope you all have a great weekend! If you need a great, cheap selection of wine this pick up Black Opal. Also don’t forget to enter our Gayle coral earring giveaway, go to our Sail Away… Giveaway blog for how you can enter to win.


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