Sail Away… and a Giveaway!

Today we are setting sail off into summer with our favorite nautical styles. We also have a special giveaway for one lucky winner – our Gayle coral earrings! We are bringing out our reds, whites, and navy blues to make up the perfect nautical style, and layering them with our favorite LJ jewels. If you are taking to the sea this summer, or just out for a day trip in the city you can find the nautical themed attire that works best for you.

Stripes have come back with vengeance this summer and can be seen in all shapes, sizes and bright bold colors. One true stripe staple though, is the traditional navy and white.  These stripes pair best with your whites or reds giving you that oh-so-glam sailor look that will whisk you away on a high seas adventure… even if only in your daydreams.

Blanche, Tank, Shorts, Flats, Striped Bag, Gayle coral, Dress, Clutch, Pumps

Dress it down casual by day with a tank, shorts and some cute flats to ride smoothly out on the water, or to stroll around the city. And for the night grab your pumps with your navy and white stripes and all of the red accessories to boot for a sassy splash of color paired with a traditional, classy style.

Finally we get to our GIVEAWAY! We are giving away a pair of our gorgeous red coral Gayle earrings to one lucky winner to add to their sizzling summer wardrobe.

Here are the guidelines to enter:

1. You have to subscribe to our blog, and “Like” us on Facebook (if you have not already)

2. Leave a comment about an adventure you plan to go on this summer.

The winner will be chosen on Monday June 11th so get your entry in before then, and we will announce it on next weeks blog!

GOOD LUCK! And Happy Sailing!


15 thoughts on “Sail Away… and a Giveaway!

  1. This summer like every summer my greatest adventure is waiting for me every day as a go downstairs!!! Kids ARE my adventure! I’m sure you will agree that there is no greater pleasure than spending a lazy summer afternoon listening to the laughter of children! I dream of going on an ADULT adventure at some point but for now—–this works!! Those gorgeous coral earrings would be stunning on me in a tank and shorts with the all-important flip flops!! No one said you can’t look fabulous AND be a mom!! Obviously!

  2. We welcomed a new grandson into our lives on my birthday, April 25th. I didn’t even think about celebrating of my birthday, as our greatest celebration was the birth of this precious little boy. Then, when our 36th wedding anniversary rolled around on May 29th, another conflict popped up on the calendar. So, we are combining these plus my husband’s birthday in July and are heading to Charleston, SC later in the summer. There are so many blessings in life; birthdays, anniversaries, births and so much more, that really every day is a celebration!

  3. This summer my grand adventure will be to go to my family reunion in Kansas! I missed last year and this is the one time I get to see my whole family (mom, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) and believe me, with my family, it is an adventure and a crazy fun time! My sisters and I always try to dress really cute and I am known for the jewelry I wear and take to give away and sell. Having these beautiful coral earrings to wear would be a plus! Plus- I could tell everyone where they came from so they could get their own Liz James jewelry!

  4. My grand adventure this summer is going to Scotland for the wedding of my oldest son….in a castle!! I could wear these fabulous earrings on the big day and be a “poster child” for LJ
    Jewels 🙂 Here’s to summer adventures whether at home or abroad and making precious memories!

  5. My grand adventure this summer is going to Scotland for the wedding of my firstborn son….in a castle!! I could wear these fabulous earrings to celebrate the big day and each time thereafter as a reminder of a precious memory! Here’s to adventures near and far and the making of treasured memories 🙂

  6. Love the comments so far ladies! Thank you for participating. You are all in the running for the gorgeous red coral Gayle earrings. So good luck to you, and lets keep the comments coming!

  7. Those fantastic coral earrings will look so ultra chic when I attend the Olympics this summer in London! I could wear them to all occasions, attending events, dining, and touring. Fingers are crossed! Thanks Liz James Designs for offering them to us.

  8. As a friend of mine has said, “It is better the second time around.” 🙂 This summer I get to enjoy my new husband and our blended family and all the madness that that entails. In between taking kids to camps and activities, we will go on our honeymoon to Hawaii (wearing my fab Liz James, of course!! It is going to be a WILD ride, but one I would not trade for anything in the world!!!!! I am blessed beyond imagination…and now looking back, it ALL makes sense.

  9. Giveaway ends today?!?! Better late than never… whew I made it in time! The adventure that I am going on is a girls trip to NYC to celebrate my mother in law’s 60th birthday! My precious father in law is sending my sisters in law, mother in law and me for an extra long weekend to shop and see Broadway shows! This will no doubt be an adventure as it is the first time that the four of us will have traveled together… and you know how it is when you travel with new people, especially extended family! 😉 Plus, we are leaving our babies at home and for two of us, this will be the first time!! {A MUCH needed break!} I would LOVE to show off my new Liz James earrings on the streets of NYC!

  10. Oh my, these would be SO perfect with my Navy/White striped whisper gauze peasant blouse from J. Crew, red shorts, and straw hat which I’ve already packed for the beach! And just in time for our trip! Fingers and toes crossed!

  11. My summers are usually spent with my husband commercial fishing in Alaska. However this summer we are taking on the biggest adventure of our lives… Parenthood! With less than a month to go we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little baby girl! Not wanting to invest my life savings on maternity clothes, jewelry has been a staple to keep myself feeling “normal” and “cute”. These earrings would be the perfect accessory to help style myself into motherhood!!! 🙂

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