It’s a Glorious Day for a Horse Race

It is that time of year again where the horseshoes go on and the big hats come out. The first Saturday in May marks the annual tradition of the Kentucky Derby. Known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports,” people attend this event and watch from all over the world. What we absolutely love most about the tradition of the Kentucky Derby is the fine outfits heavily accessorized with lavish jewels and large, elaborate hats. Whether you will be sitting in the stands live for “The Run of the Roses,” or attending a themed party you will need the perfect accessories to model your personal Kentucky Derby style.

The Kentucky Derby is a long streaming tradition that goes beyond just the horse race itself. The traditional dress seen years ago at the start of this event is still seen in fashions today. Men in suits and bow ties, women in dresses, heels, adorned with pearls… oh and who could miss the hat! The classic derby style is fashionable and sleek. Playing a bit of dress up is what it is all about, and the more fun you have with it, the more it shows! Take chances with creative or large hats, but one thing that LJ does not want you to forget about is of course your jewels.

You can never go wrong with the pearl. Classy and elegant the pearl is a staple that all women should have in their jewelry collection, and all women should be prepared to drape themselves in them this weekend for the Derby festivities. LJ has no shortage of pearls or the possibilities of how they can be worn, so don’t worry ladies if you haven’t gotten your pearls ready for this weekend yet, we have you covered!

Time to play a little dress up…

Lori Necklace, Linda Necklace, Niki Necklace, Caroline Bracelet, Lucy Bracelet, Claudia Earring

There is no shortage of fabulous at the Kentucky Derby. Be brave, and be daring for this is an event that is no less than extraordinary. The more extravagant you get with your accessories the better. Of course you always want to keep it classy, for you are after all playing the part of a sweet southern bell. So go ahead, get in your dresses, grab your pearls, get you a Mint Julep, and enjoy the races…. Oh and don’t forget your spectacular giant hat!

Eat your heart out Louisville!

What will you adorn yourself in at your Kentucky Derby soiree?


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