LJ Weekend Wine Pick

We love our Friday afternoon wine tastings, and we are here to report week 2 of our LJ wine tasting pick for under $10.

The buyer today was the lovely Ashley who works for Hat Creek Burger Company whom we share office space with. The cheese and grapes came from Dan who is also a part of the Hat Creek crew. We tasted two different wines, both were red, one from Argentina, and one from California.

Our two wines that were unveiled today were Trivento and First Timer.

Trivento is a 2011 Malbec from Argentina. It has a dark/inky color with robust flavor. It has a sweet, but not too sweet taste, with a nice velvety finish. Trivento is said to pair best with grilled meats and stews. We all thought it was a smooth everyday wine that you can pair with about anything.

First Timer is a California red wine blend from 2009. First Timer is a dark wine rich with tastes of fruit, like black cherry and peppery spices. Oddly I could not find much information online about this wine other than it is from the Chain Gang Vineyards, so I am not sure of great pairings, or professional dialog on the wine. Our tasters found this to be a bit more of a full-bodied wine. Very rich in flavor with a kind of tang, but with a sweet finish.

So the votes are in for todays tasting and the winner is…. Trivento! You should be able to find this at your local store ranging in price from $7-$10.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and let us know if you have any special wine picks we should try under $10.00!


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