‘Tis the Season…

…Wedding season that is! Spring brings blooming of blossoms and blossoming of love. Spring can sometimes be a mild season with warm weather and sunny days. This recipe can bake up the perfect wedding day, and hey even if it rains that is just good luck on your side. Every year new trends spring forth of creative setups or themes, even different types of wardrobe. One thing that remains constant throughout the years is the idea of a bride in a white dress and or course her glimmering jewels.

Classic jewels are traditionally the most sought after for a bride on her wedding day. Pearls, diamonds and other sparkly pieces are most common. On your special day you want to not only feel like the princess that you are, but you want to look it as well. The right jewels will bring your look together and leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

Liz James has a wedding collection that likes to touch on the classic all the way up to the modern. Pearls are one thing we know best, and of course even when it comes to your wedding day we say you can wear as many pieces or as few as you see fit.

Since the tradition says “something blue,” having a nice subtle hint of blue color on your baubles can accomplish two tasks, fulfilling both the tradition and your need for great jewels. The Dianna chalcedony earrings can do just this with a pale blue shade that can fall down your neckline either with hair back to let them shine, or hair down with just a small speck of color that will peek through. Some of our other small turquoise earrings at LJ would also serve well for this purpose like the Lauren earrings. Other options for your “something blue” could be a simple bracelet like the Zoey bracelet. It gives you a hint of color without completely overwhelming the rest of your look.

Truly it can be said that you cannot go wrong with the classic pearl. Pearls are a great choice for either a bride or her brides maids. Pearls are completely timeless and will never go out of style. They are perfect for elegant, formal events and what is more perfect than your wedding day. LJ has many pearls to choose from, but the classic Claudia is one of Liz James original designs. The Claudia sweeps across your neckline with pearls threaded on cord and spaced to give an illusion of floating pearls.

When needing something old, and something new, pearls can be a fabulous choice. It is wonderful if you have an older pair of pearls passed down from a family member for something old or borrowed, but if you are wanting pearls and do not have older ones to wear you can always look for something new! Our bride in the photo has a chunkier necklace look with a small pearl earring. This combination syncs well together, but you can always do the opposite by switching your look up with a daintier necklace and a larger pearl drop earring. Our Norah necklace, for example, always works well short and doubled up to stay high on the neckline. Norah pairs beautifully with the Claudia or Brandy earrings to keep the simple pearl look flowing. Each of them comes in either gray or white pearls if you do not want to keep your whole look so bright, and the Norah can be found in several other colors if you want to play up your look a bit for something more modern.

LJ has touched on the blue and on the pearls, so don’t forget about the sparkly! Liz James does carry a few items made from raw diamonds if you are a diamond kind of gal. You will see our diamonds linked together on 18kt gold wire on the Liz necklace that also has a diamond cross that hangs from the front of the piece. If you are wanting something that has that sparkle, but is on the more modest side the Julie diamond necklaces are perfect.The Julie diamond falls from a 14kt gold chain with a small link of diamonds falling across the front. Layering these together can give a great look as well, and hey we all know Diamonds are a girls best friend!

So there you have it, some jewel ideas to help you shine and sparkle as you walk down the isle to your future of happiness. And remember if you don’t only want to wear jewels this year at weddings you will see new trends of brides adorning them in their hair, on their bouquet, and even on the wedding cake.

To any of you getting married this season we wish you all the best! What jewelry is your favorite for a wedding? Even if you are only attending one this year what would be your jewel of choice?


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