LJ Weekend Wine Pick

At the Liz James studio we are all about hard work… but we are also about fun! We love what we do and so it really is hard to consider this work to begin with, but it is good to change the day up a bit to keep things interesting. LJ is starting a new tradition of Friday wine tastings, or “LJ Weekend Wine Pick” since it leads right into our weekend.

Every week someone will bring two different wines under $10 to taste. All of the staff will critique them and we will rate which one is best! Now we are no wine experts so more than likely we will not have true form or the correct wine verbiage, but we will have two new wines that we have tasted that we can share with you. Based on the recommendations of what the LJ staff considers to be tasty you may find a great new wine that you too can enjoy!

Week 1:

The two wines of the week are Arrogant Frog and Natura.

Arrogant Frog is a Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot Blend out of France. This bottle was from 2010 and is priced at $10.00. This wine with its low acidity has a softening effect. The Merlot grapes give it a soft, fruitiness that makes this wine smooth and approachable. Arrogant Frog is pretty flexible in what it can pair with, but goes really well with Salmon and Tuna.

Natura is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. This bottle was also from 2010 and can be purchased at $9.00 a bottle. Bright ruby in color with an aroma of ripe fruit and oak. This wine has a sweet taste, powerful with good body and flavorful persistence. It pairs well with red meats, game, lamb and semi-aged cheeses.

So in our first taste test of 6 people the winner is…   Natura!

If you like a good Cab at a great price then check out Natura for your next wine purchase! Also let us know if you have any great wines that we can compare in our next taste test. Happy Friday!


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