Feelin’ Beachy Keen

Summer 2012 has begun to creep up on us and what would a steamy summer be without some marvelous seaside fashion! Women throughout history are no stranger to being completely fabulous even when stripped down to their bathing suits, so why should this year be any different?

Vintage Style

From vintage to new age there are tons of hot styles that will be seen all over your local beach, lake, or pool this year. And but of course who would we be here at LJ if we didn’t add some delightful dangles to go with your summer look. When hitting the water this season we are thinking its best to top off any suit with a gorgeous pair of earrings.

Sophia Boyleg Maillot, Bridget, Avery, Monokini Yellow

The best part about your swimwear style you can mix and match how you please. If you feel more comfortable in a one piece than two you can go for a classic vintage look, or go the route of a monokini or tankini mixing and matching your top and bottom as you please.

Halter Bikini, Eileen, Molly, Crochet String Bikini

Brightly colored or patterned two pieces are all the rage. You can buy even just a few bikinis, mix and match them, and create multiple looks with mixed hues, polka-dots, stripes or other patterns. The sky is the limit and the more fun you have with it the better!

LJ wants you to remember whatever age or size you may be, OWN your look!  Be confident and bold in your swimwear fashion and don’t be afraid to take chances. Also keep in mind all of your other favorite accessories like wedges, sunglasses and cover ups to complete your beach fashionista look.

What is your swimsuit style? How will you accessorize with your swimwear fashion this summer?


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