Meet Norah and her Many Looks

Our pick for this weeks blog is the Norah. The Norah Necklace is one of our most classic pieces and comes in many different shades that can compliment any look. With today being the first day of spring we have a couple great looks that can help spring your warm weather wardrobe to the next level. The versatility of this necklace helps to give you a couple different looks on its own with a choice to wear it long or doubled, and with it being such a small delicate necklace it layers superbly with other jewels you may already have in your jewelry box. So get to know Norah, she is an easy going gal who plays well with others and can take you from a casual daytime soiree to a fancy night out. LJ has layered a couple different Norah’s with two looks from day to night.

Sunglasses, Bag, Flats, Blouse, Shorts, Norah Turquoise, Norah Coral, Norah White, Norah Gray, Dress, Lipstick, Clutch, Heels

Be creative with your accessorizing, go ahead mix and match your favorite shades of Norah with one another and any other jewels you may choose. Remember to check out all of the Norah’s and our full line at

What is your favorite Norah? What would you pair your Norah with?

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