March Madness… Madness!

With the NCAA tournament officially kicking off today we are throwing on our team colors and gathering around the TV. Whether your team is at the top of the pack, or the bottom it does not matter today the tournament marks the beginning of victories and losses with there always being upsets. Even if by chance your Alma Mater did not make the cut this year, there is most likely a team in the bracket that you will be routing for. We have put together two teams from each bracket starting with the number one seeds and matched them with a piece of LJ jewels. Now you can show off your team colors with a dazzling bauble to boot!

These 4 teams above are at the top of the class, they fought hard and made their way to number one in each of their brackets. Our picks for this bracket are North Carolina from the midwest + Chantal, Syracuse from the east + Rachel, Michigan State from the west + Jennifer, and in the last corner we have Kentucky from the south pairing up with Laurel.

For our honorable mention we have chosen two teams from two of the brackets that are close to home. We pulled in the Crimson tide from the midwest bracket, and brought the Rams in from the west (mainly due to it being a member of the LJ family Alma Mater). So in bracket one we have Texas from the east + Allie, Alabama from the midwest + Gayle (Coral), Colorado State from the west + Gayle (Turquoise), and lastly we have Baylor coming in from the south + Amy (Turquoise). Both our friends CSU from the west and Baylor from the South are green and gold so you can interchange the jewels we have laid out for these two teams.

Well there you have it! The tournament will be starting in only a matter of minutes and Liz James wishes good luck to all of the teams that made it into the NCAA tournament this year. Let us know if we left your team out and we will find an LJ match for you.

What team or teams are you routing for? Who do you think will come out on top?

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