You are Invited…. to an Earring Party!

Yes, that is right! LJ is having a party, and it is exclusively for your ears! What better way to highlight your beautiful feminine features than a dazzling pair of earrings?

For any of you who may not be familiar with Liz James, we are an Austin based jewelry company. If you know anything about Central Texas you probably know the summers here can be stifling. LJ understands you may not want some heavy duty baubles draped around your neck or wrists in the 100 degree weather. This is why for our Liz James Summer 2012 Collection we decided large, fabulous earrings were a must! Nothing is better on a hot summer night then to have your dress on, hair up, a cool drink, and bold/flashy earrings.

One look that we are absolutely loving at LJ this year is tassels. You may be hearing the term that we are crushing on this, or crushing on that this season… but this is way more than a crush, this is LOVE! The extra added movement the hanging chain gives makes these such a flirty and fun pick. These tassel earrings can easily play up any outfit giving you that extra added spark and confidence you will want to show off.

So as the saying goes “to each their own”…  LJ knows not everyone is going to want to wear the big, in your face kind of jewels. We have designed plenty of new dangles in our summer collection that keep it a bit more on the modest side. These looks give you that extra added something that will stand out more than a stud, but will not completely overwhelm your style.

Last, but definitely not least are Liz James’ favorite dangly earrings for summer. When it comes to gorgeous earrings, we say the bigger the better! If you are the kind of person who loves to stand out in a crowd these are the earrings for you. The right dangly earring can take the most muted look and turn it into pure gold! So choose from an assortment of our bold earrings to sizzle up your summer nights.

So next time you decide you want to spoil your ears, or have an “ear party” of your own let us know! LJ can most definitely help you in the ear candy department. You can wear as few or as many as you want, whatever fits your own personal style.

What kind of earrings suit you best? What are your favorites, and where would you wear them? And remember if you like what you see, or want to see more visit us at


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