Meet the Ladies of Summer!

Liz James is proud to announce that our Summer 2012 line is now available! We would like you to meet all of the lovely new ladies that will be added to a cast of already bright shining stars. The weather this summer will bring a change in not only your attitude, but your style. With every passing season we must say goodbye to some of the old, and welcome the new. What better time of year to say hello to some fresh, show stopping baubles then the season of new beginnings. LJ Summer 2012 line brings something to the table for any everyday gal. From the casual lady who loves a look with a dash of leather, to the sophisticated woman with diamonds in her eyes you are sure to find something that will suit your style.

If you are thinking of having an “arm party” of your own this fabulous season, you can stack on these LJ bracelets together for a mix of the chunky and the dainty. And of course you can always wear them separately for a more conservative look.

The leather has it! LJ loves the look and feel that the dark suede gives matched with gold and natural stones. The Vivi seen above is a top versatile piece this year that can double as a necklace and a bracelet. Vivi comes in both labradorite for a muted look, or turquoise for a bright splash of color.

Our new range of the simple and sophisticated necklaces at LJ consist of labradorite, pyrite and diamond stones. These pieces can be great for layering purposes, or can easily stand boldly alone. They add glimmer and sparkle to any outfit and will catch the eye of any passer by.

If you are thinking bold colors for summer fashion mixed with neutral jewelry these pieces will fit right in. Lots of gold chain and labradorite is definitely one thing we are crushing on at the moment, so why not keep it going all year long! These neutrals can pair well with any outfit or layering piece, and with our LJ charm necklace you can also wear what you love.

Turquoise, what can we say our love for you is infinite. This summer it is all about the blue turquoise for us here at Liz James. Can you honestly look it in the eye and say you don’t love it? Well we sure can’t, and if it is color you are looking for then it is color we shall give you. Turquoise will pop with whatever you decide to step out in whether it is black and basic, or ruby red.

Some of us just love the saying, go big or go home. How could you possibly stay at home if you are wearing one of these statement pieces? LJ has more statement pieces for all of you who just love living out loud. Choose from lots of chain or long in length, with no shortness on style.

So I bet by now you are wondering… Where are all of the earrings? Well since we are thinking all earrings for these hot summer months approaching, we are going to give you the special treat of an additional blog this week. LJ has so many new earrings being added to the summer collection we are throwing an “EAR PARTY” (as we would like to call it) and will just have to blog about it! Just wait, your ears will thank us for all of the compliments and attention they are about to receive. So stay tuned!

What do you see that you like? Want to see even more? Visit to view the complete collection.


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