Spring Fever

Regardless of what the groundhog predicted this year we are ready for spring to arrive. With Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week wrapping up, we felt as though we should talk about some of the upcoming styles and colors for the fall season. But why skip to fall when spring is right around the corner! This spring is all about bright, vibrant shades from orange hues to blue. We put together some must haves for spring in three different color schemes so that you can get a jump start on this sunny season. Whether you plan on pairing these luminous accessories with a neutral white sun dress, or you plan on going bold matching solid brights with vibrant accessories, you will find a shade to chase away any cloudy day. Get out of that winter funk, break out the shades, and be radiant…      With the help of some jewels from Liz James of course!

Stay on the sunny side of life in hues of orange.

Ashley Carnelian, Floral Headband, Shoes, Lexie Bracelet, Coffee Cup, Nail Polish, Purse, Charlotte Carnelian Earring

Get lost in waves of ocean inspired turquoise.

Julie Bracelet, Pillow, Eye Shadow, Mallory Earring, Scarf, Melissa, Nail Polish, Bag

Find yourself in shades of greener pastures.

 Jennifer Bracelet, Belt, Delilah Necklace, Vase, Clutch, Sunglasses, Flats, Molly Earring

What colors are you looking to dive into this spring?


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