Valentine’s GOODY Giveaway

In honor of dear old Saint Valentine we are giving away our one of a kind Val Necklace. Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing how much you love a special person in your life, we would like to show our love and appreciation by giving this striking necklace to one of our devoted fans. Hanging by gold hand wired wrapped rings, the Val necklace has baubles that consist of coral, buffalo turquoise, labradorite, and two brass love charms.

So you ask, how do I enter to win? Well we would like to hear from you! First you must be a subscriber of our blog to be considered, so if you have not subscribed you will want to do so now. Secondly tell us how you met someone extraordinary in your life. This could be a best friend, boy or girlfriend, or your spouse. You have until end of day Monday the 13th to enter, so what are you waiting for?

Good luck to you all and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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11 thoughts on “Valentine’s GOODY Giveaway

  1. This necklace is happiness around your neck. It is simply magnificant because I have never seen anything quite like it. Liz James is something every girl wants to wear.

  2. I am a new follower. Beautiful necklace!
    I met my husband when we were young, immature and 18 years old. Now 5 years later we are happy newlyweds!

  3. I am also a new subscriber! I have a beautiful pair of earrings I received as a gift and love them!

    For my story I actually want to tell about my best friend. I am 26 years old and have been friends with her since kindergarten, so 21 years now! She has been there for me through family hardships, break-ups, tough financial times and we have so many great and hilarious memories together. She has accepted me for who I am and supported me during all the changes I have gone through, good and bad. She is my strength and I have and always will consider her my family. I absolutely love her!

  4. It all started with a “Yo!” It was my 16th birthday. I had no idea how extraordinary he was; but would soon learn. I didn’t fall in love with him until 5 days after my 21st birthday, when this man who I had been enthralled by asked if he could kiss me. When I was with him, I was the best version of me.

  5. I’m a subscriber! Wow! Great question and the necklace is absolutely stunning! Loving the colors, stones and charms.

    I met Buzz at Harbin Hot Springs in northern California where we both lived and worked. He wasn’t your ordinary looking guy, but it was his spirit that got me. We clicked immediately and became the best of friends. We understood one another without words. One day, he invited me to a Spring Festival and we sat on the roof of a shack and watched the festivities. He sat behind me, and I rested back. The sky was clear and you could see every star up in the mountains. I realized that I would not want to be anywhere else or with anyone else at any time than in his arms. That’s when I knew this relationship was destined to be magical. It will always be so.

  6. The most extraordinary person I have met in my life is my boyfriend. We did not meet in a story-book romance kind of way; in fact, I was sitting at a pub&grille watching sports when he sat next to me and struck up a conversation. He didnt hit on me or act weird and we ended up talking until closing time. Now, 5 years later – he is my best friend, lover, confidant and he gives me the strength and support I need to face life’s new challenges. I would much rather have my boyfriend than wealth or fame; he is ThaT extraordinary and I cannot imagine a life without him.

  7. Remember the song ” Married My own Grandpa”? Well,I married my daughter’s first husband’s Grandfather! He was an antique dealer and we had a ball traveling.He was a joy to be with and a genius businessman.Unfortuneatly,he passed away after only 5 years.He was the love of my life!

  8. New subscriber but not new to Liz James. Purchased our first piece for our daughter as a Christmas gift this past December.

    This beautiful 14 year old is just one of mine and Tim’s most valuable possessions. Our 19 year old son is an awesome young man! We have often laughed about the fact that it was predefined fate that we were brought together as 18 year olds. Considering the fact that our grandfathers could often be found rollerskating together as children in the 1920’s, our parents were married two months apart and each were in attendance at the others wedding and the same minister that married our parents married Tim and I 27 years later. We are for sure a Paul Harvey story in the making and look forward to sharing the “rest of the story”!

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