How Do You Store Your Gems?

Hello, lovelies. Liz James again. A dear friend asked me for a creative way to store jewelry. I jumped at the chance to roam around pinterest (yes, it’s a new obsession) and come up with clever ways to showcase all her baubles. Here is what I came up with, but I’d also love to know what you are doing with your collections. Leave me a comment or better post a picture on our FB wall if you have a moment.

Pretty labeled boxes make finding exactly what you need a snap. Plus the pink and mint green boxes add polish to otherwise ordinary storage.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with this stunning display.

The jewelry armoire is a fantastic pick for big collections. 

A tree is perfect for all those necklaces.

I am into the cluttered look with a combination of  all it — boxes, bowls, and lots of style.

So, the question is which method are you using?

Images via Real SimpleMartha Stewart, Made by Girl – Lonny 2010Fabulous KSouthern Sophisticate


1 thought on “How Do You Store Your Gems?

  1. Well, because I’m traveling by RV right now, I cant have those pretty bowls laying around unless I want them on the floor, all tangled up. So, I have a 2 jewelry boxes that look similar to the armoire, but shorter and they sit in my wardrobe cabinet. When we are done with our road trip, I look forward to putting my everyday pieces back into beautiful, delicate, colorful bowls like miss Marta. 🙂

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