Liz James Designs Goes Hollywood

Liz James here, I am just giddy to report that two LJ pieces are making their film debut this September in the new Robert Duvall flick, Seven Days in Utopia.

The movie is based on a book by David L. Cook, and chronicles the adventures of  talented golfer, Luke Chisolm, who finds himself stranded in Utopia, Texas. Chisolm forms a bond with a quirky rancher named Johnny Crawford (aka Robert Duvall) who eventually leads him to revaluate his life and future. So where does Liz James come in? The leading ladies (Oscar winner, Melissa Leo and Deborah Ann Woll) are all adorned with Liz James necklaces.

This certainly calls for a celebration … why not a special deal. For the entire month of September, you can buy The Elijah for 25% off.

As for the other jewels, you’ll have to play I Spy when you go see the movie. We may even give one away on premiere day, September 2nd (wink, wink).


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