Ask Liz James!

Answers to the questions jewelry-lovers ask LJ all the time.

L. James: I have a few actually.  I love to take a vintage piece or a family heirloom and pair them with pieces from my collection. Right now, I am wearing a costume cuff with a tribal print on it from my grandmother. The cuff is ancient, but paired with my Lexie or Libby bracelets it pops.

L. James: Some girls prefer diamonds, some rubies, but I am all about what makes a woman feel confident and comfortable. If it’s a man’s watch, go with it. 

L. James: I have a fabulous team of ladies that inspire me (wink, wink), support me, and encourage me every day. Travel plays a huge part in what I make, too. Oh, and I am loving all the gorgeous instagrams these days.

L. James: I may or may not be holding three sketches in my hands right now. You’ll just have to stay very tuned to see what I have in store next.

Images – Steamline Luggage – Atlantic – Pacific


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