Liz James Essentials (Summer Edition)

Hello, sunshines. Liz James here.

Every girl needs her seasonal list of must haves, especially if you summer in Texas. I always pack practical (but above all FUN) essentials to withstand the heat with style and grace.

This summer I can’t live without the following:

1.) The ever cool — Chinchilly — from essie

2.) My Dianna earrings to make a day to night transition super easy

4 and 6.) Lip gloss with sunglasses is my insta-glam look. (Ray Ban and Nars)

3 and 5) Delicate accessories with a slightly boho vibe. (The Chole and The Julie)

7.) Clinque SUNSCREEN, always.

9.) Something cute from TB to put it all in.

10.) I am FINALLY reading The Help … so I will be in-the-know for the movie.

Hope you all are staying cool!

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