A How-To from Liz James

Liz James here … So good to see you again! I am excited to announce that I, Liz James, will be putting in my two cents a bit more around here. I do hope you’ll subscribe and stay awhile. Just type your email in the box to the right, and I promise to keep you in the LJ loop with trends, sales, and even giveaways.

This week, I am very into statement pieces with staying power. Every girl needs a piece that goes with her everywhere from bike rides, to picnics, to birthdays, to weddings … to dates, to dinner … I think you get my drift. I raided my closet the other day just to show you that My Maggie necklace is the piece to do it. Don’t you agree?

You can get my Maggie necklace right HERE.

As for my other closet essentials … find those here: sailor tee, denim, tote, sandals, pink party dress, nude handbag, nude flats, green cocktail dress, bow pumps, glitter clutch

Happy shopping!


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